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Badger State Games- CrossFit Bull Falls 2018 Fittest Competition

April 28th, 2018 start time 10:00AM

REGISTER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entry Fees & Deadlines:

Entry $75.00 includes Competitor T-shirt

Registration Online Deadline 04/07/18

CrossFit Bull Falls Competition

EVERYONE is encouraged to participate in a fun filled day of showcasing yourself in a competitive atmosphere.

Participating in a competition is good for the soul. It is truly humbling, and gives you unique perspective on yourself. It gives you new eyes to view the world and yourself. CrossFit Bull Falls believes that we don't compete "against" one another, we compete "with" each other, side by side. It's about cheering on those who are fighting to finish by your side. Pushing yourself beyond your limitations only makes you stronger. No one was ever worse for trying. If you're on the fence about whether or not to compete, do it. Even if you only do it once, just put yourself out there. Be brave, be fearless.

Entry $75.00 includes Competitor T-shirt

Event A


25 pull ups 50 wall balls 25/14

25 pull ups 100 double unders

25 pull ups 50 burpees

Event A

Scaled 10 Min AMRAP

25 jumping pull ups

50 wall balls 10/8

25 jumping pull ups

100 single unders

25 jumping pull ups

50 burpees

Event B

Olympic Weightlifting style Max Snatch (in KILOS), 3 attempts

Event C

2000 meter row for time

Event D

(top 3 of each division) Finals winner take all!

RX (Cap 10 Min)


Shoulder to Overhead 185/125

Ring Muscle Ups



Shoulder to Overhead 95/65

Toe to Ring

Volunteers will receive red and athletes will receive blue shirts!

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