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CrossFit Bull Falls

My name is Connor Healy.   I am 14 years old and a freshman at Wausau West.  I am very active.  I love to be outside hunting and  fishing.   I also play hockey and baseball. My Mom, Dad, and my sister Claire have supported me along the way.   I am very serious about playing hockey and baseball.  I played Tier 1 hockey last year for the Green Bay Jr Gamblers.  This season I made Team Wisconsin.  I  played for different travel baseball teams the last few years as well. Because I skate and play ball so much it is very important that I lift and stretch.  I definitely do a lot of skating and I need to make sure I exercise to prevent injuries.


I started Crossfit two years ago. After my first Crossfit workout I knew then that it was for me, I loved doing the lifts but also doing the cardio.  I especially like Crossfit because it pushes me to not quit.  Working out for an hour in a high intensity workout prepares me for the 3rd period of my hockey games.  Crossfit has also benefitted me because now I see that stretching is so important because it helps prevent injuries in the sports I participate in.  


Krystle has helped me understand the need to stretch correctly and for long periods of time.  She has also helped me with my lifting techniques to ensure that I get stronger and that I do the lifts correctly so I don’t get hurt.  She plans all of my workouts and she has really been a great coach for me.  


I definitely see the benefits of Crossfit when I play.  My range on the baseball diamond has increased tremendously.  On the ice, I’m just quicker.  I get to pucks faster than I had before and my balance and strength keep me from getting knocked down.  Finally, I feel great after each Crossfit session.  My body feels loose and I feel very relaxed.  The advice I would  give someone new to Crossfit is to not quit.  It will be hard, but there are so many benefits from Crossfit.

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